The family story about The Blue Book

In the early 1900's it was the responsibility of each shipbroker and shipping agent to keep their own handwritten directories. These generally included only the names and addresses of firms known to them. They were limited in scope and were seldom followed up by amendments and addenda; indeed, they were generally more misleading than beneficial amid the rapid expansion and modernization of postal, telegraphic addresses and telephone communications between nations which occurred in the years after World War I and during the twenties.

After thorough investigations of shipbrokers/shipping agents in Scandinavia and Baltic countries, William Wramfelt, Authorized Shipbroker, announced to his broker colleagues in these countries that he intended to compile a ship brokers' directory 1926 for use within the shipping industry. All information such as name, address, telegraphic address, telephone and fax numbers and codes would be entered in a single, complete directory. The book aroused major interest among shipbrokers/shipping agents and ship owners. They regarded it as precisely the long-awaited directory that had been missing within the shipping business.

The first 'Blue' edition was published in 1927 and the name was changed to 'The Shipbrokers' Register'. It was decided that English should be used for the name because the Register had by that time expanded rapidly, after only one year covering 17 countries. The first European Edition was published in 1929.

Present Managing Director of the company, Göran Wramfelt, joined his uncle in the family business in 1961. Göran took over the company in 1974 when William Wramfelt retired, and at the same time introduced computerization to the production of the Register.

The first world-wide edition of 'The Shipbrokers' Register' was published in 1981. It contained about 15,000 companies in approximately 3,000 ports, covering an estimated 150 nations. The first pocket edition was published in the same year to meet the demands of travellers.

Each basic entry (free of charge) includes company name, address, phone, e-mail and www address. The Register also recognizes those businesses who are members of their respective National Shipbrokers Associations. For an additional, reasonable fee the businesses may choose to have their name printed in Blue or Superbold Heavy Type. To have 24/7 contact information included, or to have their company's information appear in more than one city (Brass Plate Entry) in the book.

For the first time, in April 2002, 'The Shipbrokers' Register' was launched on the Internet. Every entry from the book is included. The entries will appear the same as on the CD-ROM, including all company information in addition to E-mail address and www address, activity marks and VAT numbers. Any changes made regarding company information after the new edition of the book is published, can be found on the internet until the next, new edition is released.

In 2011 the mobile APP for smartphone, iPhone & Blackberry joined the Register and replaced the pocket version as traveller's guide. This is just one of our many services aimed at providing the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Each and every year, we work on improving our products by listening carefully to our customers' needs and desires. The 59th edition, 2024/2025, The Shipbrokers' Register is taking the lead in the shipping business and introduces The Shipbrokers' Register as an additional eBook.

Each and every year, we work on improving our products by listening carefully to our customers' needs and desires.